At the eModaoutlet, we offer a lifetime authenticity guarantee for all of our items.

This means that you will receive a 100% refund, including the cost of return shipping, in the event of the sale of an inauthentic item.

With us, you can always be confident that you are purchasing a quality, genuine item. 

Our highly trained authentication team inspect each and every item that comes through our doors

Here's a sneak peek into our authentication process:

Thorough check of item for details such as stitching, lettering, embossing, hardware, lining, symmetry, stamping, holograms etc. to ensure consistency with manufacturing standards of individual brands. (The 'nuts and bolts' that go into making a bag are largely consistent per brand. Verifying their consistency is one of the best ways to check for authenticity)
Inspection of craft and workmanship to match the quality standards of brand. Luxury brands are known for their use of the finest materials and their employment of the best craftsmanship. Fake items, no matter how similar they can be to the real deal, simply do not match up when inspected closely.
Checking of date codes and serial numbers to ascertain where and when a bag was made (Luxury brands come with either a date code or a serial number which testifies to the origins of the item).
Comparison of item to on-hand authentic items.
Authentication from 3rd party professional authentication.


Top designer brands use the highest quality materials available, and employ the most refined methods to craft their goods. For this reason, counterfeit items, in most cases, simply cannot match the standards of the genuine articles. They may look strikingly similar, but a variety of smaller details give them away. For buyers of luxury items, it is important know what sets your purchase apart from all the counterfeit items that flood the market, so here are few handy tips you can use to see for yourself.



Unbelievably simple to do, this trick will help you check most designer bags. Luxury bags are perfect to the last stitch, so if you see a bag that has stitching that is not in a straight line, it's probably a fake. Channel your inner Sherlock and look in every corner, especially inside the bag. In addition, the patterns of all brands are always symmetric. If you see something different, it should raise your suspicion.

Birkin Inside Stitching – Authentic

Birkin Inside Stitching – Fake


A majority of brands use some kind of technique to keep track of the manufacturing batch numbers of their products and a quick online search will show you where to find them. Always compare the format and most importantly the font. Gucci bags have a very specific font; compare the number 3, this is normally the first to go wrong. While Louis Vuitton has a factory code and a four digit code for week and year of manufacture (eg:FL1009), Chanel bags have a unique serial number for every bag with the first two digits signifying the year of manufacture (eg:13XXXXXX).

Louis Vuitton Date Code- Authentic

Louis Vuitton Date Code- Authentic


Another inspection point is ensuring the logo of the brand is accurate. Almost all top brands have a specific font and format in which it is written, which is easy to cross-reference from the brand's website. Check specific detail, for example, we often come across Jimmy Choo bags with an incorrect font on the inside label, or missing the MADE IN ITALY stamp right below the logo plate. Each brand also has a particular way and depth of embossing the lettering on the bags, for example, the Gucci Guccissima leather which is embossed with the GG logo and the Louis Vuitton Vernis (patent) leather embossed with the LV logo. Fake bags normally have the bags over embossed, with much darker/deeper lettering.

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